4 types of common back pain – How can chiropractic treatment help with your back pain?

Admit it, at some point in your life whether you are studying, working, exercising, or just enjoying your cup of tea, you have suffered from back pain to a certain extent. If you’re lucky, you might have it occasionally, but often this happens quite frequently for a lot of us.

Your back is one of the most “tortured” part of your body throughout the day. It needs to suffer from various movements such as twisting your body, bad posture while sitting, sudden jolts etc. Your spine is made up of many interconnected and overlapping structures which is at risk of being injured.              

Below are some examples of common back pain, perhaps you might be experiencing any of these below.

4 Common Types of Back Pain

Flexion Dominant


Pain intensifies when sitting, bending, or lifting. Pain might include not only the back, but also the buttocks, legs or all of the above. You might experience tingling or numbness and difficulty in straightening up after standing up from sitting.

Extension Dominant


Usually although not always involving the joints at the back of the spine called the zygapophyseal joints. People have experienced pain after standing for long period of time and pain temporarily subsides when taking a break sitting or bending. Exercises or activities causing high impact on the spine would worsen the pain and potentially might cause pain in leg, tingling or even numbness is worse cases.

Neurogenic Claudication


Usually present in individuals with age, commonly caused by nerves at the spine being compressed while the individual is walking or standing. This has the possibility of making it difficult for the individual to be able to walk for longer distances. Pain is not present while sitting, but numbness or weakness in legs will be apparent after walking for a certain distance.

Inflammatory Back Pain


Commonly caused by inflammation in the spinal joints. It is important for your chiropractor or physiotherapist to accurately identify the condition is caused by inflammation at the joints and refer you to a rheumatologist for medical evaluation.

Back pain can be caused by various factors which might not even be part of the above. Many cases of back pain often go away after a certain period of time. However, if you realize the pain is intensifying gradually or keeps coming back, perhaps that’s a sign your body is telling you it’s in trouble! Chiropractors are not only able to prevent these symptoms from reoccurring frequently, we are also committed to keeping your spine and nervous system functioning at all times to allow your body to perform its necessary healing functions. Maintain a healthy posture and lifestyle to reduce such risks! Enjoy.