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Welcome to Balance Chiropractic ! We are so glad you are interested in taking control of your health with Chiropractic.

You will be asked to give a focused history on your current health issue and any other information that could be pertinent to your care.

Our chiropractor will then go through the office’s procedures and explain exactly how we can help you with foundational care.

thermography scanning


Thermography is used to scan and assess the root of your spinal dysfunction

Neuro-motion analysis

Neuro-motion analysis is performed to determine the fixated segment

Neuro-motion analysis
Spinal Cord Diagnosis with full-spine-x-ray

Spinal checking with full-spine x-ray

The chiropractor will then refer you for a full-spine x-ray to gather crucial information regarding your care and the path to getting you well and living your best life again.

On the second visit your chiropractor will go through your x-ray in detail with you, showing you exactly what is working and what is NOT working based on all the previous findings. 




Don’t just listen to us. Hear what people say about us

  • Good Service

    I had “nagging” knee pains lasted for several months due to injuries caused by hiking in Hong Kong.

    Dr. Jonathan Tiong did some checks on my spinal cord, and carried out adjustments for a few sessions, now I am 98% recovered.

    I strongly recommend to anyone who may suffers similar pains to see a chiropractor, or better still, consult Dr. Jonathan Tiong for recommendations on treatments.

    Stay active , stay healthy to all!

    Good Service
    Don Tiong
  • Great service and professionalism

    Great service and professionalism is tip top! Do consider coming here if you need to see a chiropractor! You won’t regret it!

  • Very Recommended

    Many thanks to Dr Jonathan for treating my nagging neck pain with just 1 adjustment. Feel so much better now ??

    Very Recommended
    Joyce Chong
  • Bye-bye back pain!!

    Dr Jonathan Tiong is a very patient and knowledgeable chiropractor. I had injured my back at the gym and the doctor had Solve my back pain in just 3 visits. Will come back for check ups to keep my body well aligned.

    Jun Yip
  • 60-70% relief

    Brought my mother to meet Dr Jonathan for her back pain cause from her tripped months back and some historical pain from triggered fingers. She immediately felt the changes next morning, around 60-70% relief for her hand and back. It’s definitely a good start for a long term cure.

    Beverly Wayne
  • 2-3 years lower back pain was completely gone

    I had lower back pain for the past 2-3 years, after a few adjustments my lower back pain was completely gone. I feel like a complete new person now, it feels great to walk and continue my normal day to day routine, especially going to the gym. I highly recommend Balance Chiropractic for any form of discomfort or pain

    Shahin Chowdhury
  • Gives a lot of information

    Dr Jonathan is really a focused and exceptional chiropractor. Gives a lot of information regarding my condition and cares for me like a friend! Would definitely recommend people who are in need of a chiropractor especially in Ampang!

    Shaun Yip
  • Patient and cool chiropractor

    Dr Jonathan is a patient and cool chiropractor. I have been having lower back pain and sciatica for years and I’m glad to have found his clinic. He explained my condition well and after several visits and adjustment, my lower back and sciatica pain reduced substantially. The consultation charges are reasonable and affordable. Highly recommend this clinic to everyone who is looking for a chiropractor.

    Kar Weng Ng
  • Solved my back pain

    Thanks Dr Jon for helping me with my pain . Looking forward for my next adjustment ???

    Solved my back pain
    Nashereena Dhillon
  • Price is affordable

    Informative about the problems I have supported with speedy relief to it with tips and advice on exercises to do and not to do. Price is affordable as well. ?

    Braxton Forbes
  • Weight Training Injuries

    每当我在举重训练时受伤,我都会找 Dr. Jonathan 来帮我治疗。 没有他,我就没办法继续坚持我的梦想与爱好。 谢谢你Dr. Jon!

    Guan Ying Tan
  • No more lower back pain!

    Thanks Dr Jon for helping me with my pain . Looking forward for my next adjustment ??Totally living a better life right now. No more lower back pain! Great approach and advises from the chiropractor himself.?

    Fareast Mohamad
  • Awesome Experience

    Thanks Dr. Jon for the adjustment. Already feeling better and looking forward for my next treatment! ??

    Awesome Experience
    Poh Yee